About Me

Named after a creepy doll we had once used in a creative media course, I have since followed that path of creepiness and kept it as part of my aesthetic. From horror to fashion, I am leaning down the path of fine art in terms of style and tone. But, also being a huge dork, I love shooting cosplays and photos of nerdy figurines. Because, hey why not?


To be passionate about an artistic medium is something I have always been when it comes to photography. I am forever striving to push my own boundaries and set goals to achieve the tone and style to push my own projects and portfolio pieces to the best they can be. 


My name is Tasha Coles, and I have been doing photography since my late teens. I enjoy developing ideas from a more alternative viewpoint, including alternative models, cosplays, and rock music gigs. Through larger projects. I plan to keep pushing my photography and honing my craft and to keep forever learning more.

My shooting style is much like my personality: erratic, fun, genuine, high energy, and creative. I do my utmost to ensure you are comfortable with me and my ideas, and always welcome to feedback and input from those I'm working with. For those more reserved models, especially newbies to the scene, chaperones are welcomed and encouraged on all of my shoots to help you settle into the photography situation. 

If you wish to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me!