Adventure in American Adventure

Edit: Photos added and a link to the short vlog I did of the area.

So this week has been fairly slow. I’ve just been catching up on edits and videos from last weekend. Tuesday, I was pretty rough, but weirdly had one of my most productive days in a long time! It was an achievement to be sure. The other half was sure baffled in how much I had managed to do while still regretting that copious amounts of Disarrano consumed the night before.

However, this is not about Tuesday, this is about our adventure today to.. American Adventure!

Okay, I know it’s not there anymore, but we thought we’d go an have a nosey. For some context for those who may not be aware, American Adventure was a British theme park in Derbyshire, England. It was shut down in 2007, with the rides being sold off and not opening for the new season. We heard that it was fairly easy to get on site without breaking in or destroying anything, but even if not, the area around it was large and wooded, so we had an easy backup plan for at least some form of exploration!

Planning adventures on a Friday again, too. I seem to be good at that.. And my anniversary with my other half today as well, no less! (Eight years, by the way!)

We left the cars a little distance away, as a sign near the old site was indicative to the possibility of clamping, and we weren’t about to let that happen.. Nothing wrong with a bit more walking! Getting into the old car park was straightforward, as it was just through the gate and down the hill. There was even a play park and a few dogwalkers around, so it was fairly accessible. The bigger challenge was getting onto where the theme park used to be.

That was a massive lie. It wasn’t a challenge. However, there was barely any remaining evidence that the place used to be a theme park. There are flat concrete areas with titles on, that used to be the base for the rides or even the shops, but other than that, there was nothing there of substance. We got on, and we did a few shots of Blythe on some cool looking steps, but that was as far we got in terms of photography. I also shot a lot of the surrounding forest areas, as well as the final final remaining segments, but it was an almost disappointing trip. Except that the whole place was covered in massive pinecones! Seriously, they were huge!

We’re back home now, and we have to get ready for work again. Seriously, I need to stop planning these excursions on days I have work. I just want my bed!

There will be a video following this once again, because the place was huge, and I love to take videos and photos of where I’ve been. I’ll post it here when it’s finished and up. But for now, please enjoy the photos from the trip.