Awesome Locations and Weird Security

So far, it’s been an incredibly busy week for me. As in, for the first three days, I have not stopped! Sunday was with Harry and Jay, Monday with Alex, and Tuesday with Blythe, who I work with at After Dark, on a trek to Lincoln to go help her pack and to go explore some more abandoned buildings.

So she picked me up in the morning, and we set off for Lincoln. Blythe studies there, and had yet to pack her room up from the end of term. I agreed to help out, as it also meant finding two potential locations for shoots! With Rockstars and iPhones full of music, we set out.

On the way, we spotted a few other abandoned areas that would be explored one day. However, we just focused on the task at hand, as well as the two we were going to explore. What we thought would only take half an hour of packing turned into about an hour and a half, as most of us know when it comes to packing, you always have a lot more than you initially thought. And trying to pack wine glasses and ceramic cups just using carrier bags is a trick I’m glad I learned in my late teens..

We shoved everything in the back of Blythe’s little Kia, getting everything nicely piled on top of each other, and praying silently that nothing fell on us while we travelled to our next destination. After dropping off the keys for Blythe’s old room, we left for the nearest place, which was just a short drive out of the centre of Lincoln.

On our way there, Blythe mentioned that she thought a red car was following us. I laughed it off, saying that it’s just a coincidence. We turned off onto the private road, and still the red car was behind us. Again, being quite skeptical, I said they just might live down this road (there were a few houses to be fair... ) It stopped, and turned off, just as we followed the road further around. We then concluded that he must have lived down here. However, I couldn’t deny that a sudden uneasy feeling was creeping up on us. But we were about to explore not one, but two abandoned buildings so I put it down to that.

I wrestled my camera out of my bag, with the intent to capture something about the place on camera. (Apparently, I do the whole camera thing: videos and photography. I like it though..) So while I’m waiting for Bythe to finish her text to her mother, we’re approached by an older guy with a radio. To point out, this guy was wearing *nothing* else to support this idea that he was part of security, except for the radio at his side. And do you know what his first question was to us?

“Can I interest you ladies in anything?”

Really bro? That’s your opening line? Holy shit, no. That needs to not be a thing. So I look over at Blythe and it’s clear she’s thinking along the same lines as me.. It took me a few seconds to respond, and I pushed back what I was really thinking from my mind.

“Urm, it depends,” eyes narrowing. “What are you offering..?”

He then goes onto explain that we’re on private property, and we shouldn’t really be there. He also says that, seeing that we were photographers, many other urban explorers have gone on site, tried climbing up, and further damaged the old manor house site. Okay, fair enough, we can accept that. But weird ass question, dude! After he had said his part, I apologised in that we weren’t aware of the private property, and that if I seemed hostile or apprehensive at first, it was purely because of the wording of his ‘introduction’.. He agreed that it did sound odd, and that we were free to walk around the parameter of the buildings, but not to go inside them. We said we wouldn’t, and he wandered off.

When we said we wouldn’t, we did mean it. If only because the entrance onto the grounds was actually right near where the bloke was sat, and I did not fancy antagonising him again.. But the place was an excellent location: with the manor house and it’s fairly large grounds, winding down towards an old RAF hospital, which looked amazingly creepy from the distance we were at. (Can I shoot in there, please? Pretty please?!) Looks like something the Ghost Adventures Crew would film at, and that made me even sadder that I couldn’t be a part of that.

We decided to call it a day at that location for now. Plus, I had to be back in time for my dad to come and pick me up, ready for Alton Towers the very next day (win!). So we called in at another abandoned farm on the way out of Lincoln: a fairly decent sized plot of land that was right next to a main road. One of the barns were still up, and the house looked fairly easy to climb into, if it weren’t for all the nettles everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean they were growing out of every crevice the house could structurally hold.. It was crazy, and I wasn’t about to risk my legs on that. It was a fairly nice place, but nothing we could really use to our advantage. If there were other things close by to shoot at, it could have been an excellent day shoot. But for now, it’s more for *a* shoot. Maybe.

The ride home was smooth, but I did arrive late in meeting my dad. *oops* But it’s okay, because I wasn’t late for ALTON TOWERS! WOO!

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