Awfully Dreadful Happenings

Two blog posts in a week! I’m getting good at this.. I mentioned in my last blog that I had met with another local photographer, in hopes of helping him into a photography career. I’m not sure if what mine is would be called a career, but hey ho. His name is Tom Staniforth, of Staniforth Media and Photography, and has only been at this for about eight months. And for eight months, his brand is excellent! Business cards, flyers, an impressive amount of likes and followers on his social medias.. This lad could teach me a thing or two about marketing and advertising!

We met in Costa on Monday, after I invited him out to shadow me at both the venues I photographed, on Friday and Saturday night. Typically the busiest night is Saturday, but I didn’t want to chuck him into the deep end just yet, so Friday would be the better tutoring night for camera settings, with Saturday being the night of “Here’s some customers! Off ya go!”

I was hoping to give Tom some experience in a nightclub setting, as I was aware of other nightclubs needing a photographer! I put my own name forward, but it coincided with my current schedule. So, to kill two birds with one stone, I figured giving Tom the opportunity would benefit us all!

So Friday rolled around, I met Tom outside the first venue, and then showed him my camera settings, explaining that what works for me may not necessarily work for him, as is true in any case, so this was more of a ‘guidance’ in camera settings, rather than making him copy everything I do. Interacting with customers, however, Tom was an absolute natural. So I knew I had no worries for Saturday night!

During the night, we began a little ‘photographer war’, where we were just taking photos of each other working, or pulling stupid faces. I swear, I should never be allowed to work with anyone, as I just end up having far too much fun. Though, if you get a job doing what you love, you will never have to work at all, because you’re too distracted doing all the fun stuff. Or something to that effect. My life in a nutshell..

Once we had finished our shift at the first venue, we then moved onto the next one. After working in many venues, you come to realise that each one of them have their own set of settings that helps enhance the place, as well as its customers. Once you get further down the route in our town, the later the bars are open, which means the level of drunken customers also increases. A lot of the time, they are harmless, and just want to hug people and party. Others, not so much. However, they are few and far between, so it’s not an immediate worry. The biggest ones who do the most ‘damage’ are the ones who have very little motor skills, throwing their arms about and trying to hold the camera. These, I warned Tom about, as they do make lots of grabs for anything around them. It’s like looking after a toddler that has no concept of the word ‘no’, and when you’re handling expensive equipment, it’s not ideal! As the night went on, we spoke more about photography, and equipment, and plans, and all the nonsense that comes with it. I do believe he’s going to do well in this field, and I look forward to seeing more work from him! Check out his page if and when you can!

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