Bikini shoots and Sunshine

The day after Jay and Harry’s shoot, I had been booked for a shoot with a girl named Alex, who wanted to start building her portfolio. Alex had already been approached by someone asking her for her portfolio, and came to me to get it done!

I had suggested Hardwick Hall as the location for our shoot when she had booked with me. The sun had actually stuck around since yesterday, which was a win, so the location was still on. We got there for early afternoon, so plenty of time to enjoy the sun and all that it offered in terms of lighting. It was a bit harsh, considering that we are approaching the Summer Solstice, but I hadn’t factored that in… Looks like we’re working in the shade for a little bit!

Before we got to work though, ice cream had to be a thing. Alex and I have mutual friends in Stew, who picked us up, as well as our friend Nadz [who was company for Stew while Alex and I ran around in the field…] So we got our ice creams from the pub at Hardwick Hall, and then headed out up to the side of the hill where we began the shoot

Alex was amazing to work with. Her outfit choices were subtle, yet accentuated her enough at this early stage of her portfolio building. She had wanted to do bikini shots too, and Hardwick has many areas to choose from to shoot at! We did begin with some simple shots, to ease Alex in, but as soon as we got going, Alex fell straight into it, and enjoyed the whole thing.

We finished the shoot in what felt like no time at all. And after getting chased by a goat near the pond we shot at for the bikini shoot, we ended the day with adding Alex into my new Facebook group so she can get involved with more shoots in the future!

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