Black Sheep 2: The Baaaa-ckening

I’ve had no internet for a week. A whole week! I am so behind on editing and uploading stuff to After Dark and Rewind’s pages, it’s just not funny. After calling my internet service provider, and working around some tips to get it to work, it just wasn’t having of it. So I was going to spend my days until the engineer arrived sorting out my hard drives on my computer. Since working as a nightclub photographer, and then getting new cameras with much bigger file sizes, I’m quickly eating away at my 2TB hard drive. And so begins the ever-arduous task of file sorting!

A quick meeting early afternoon with a photographer, Tom Staniforth, who wanted a training session for nightclub photography (I know, me mentoring? It’s certainly a thing that has happened..) went really well, and that’s going to be for this Friday. I got home and sat at my PC, looking at the numerous files and folders to see which ones needed to either disappear or stick around. I’ve been at After Dark since November 2014, and Rewind since May 2015. I have got *so* many photos to flick through, oh my word.

However, before I got straight into it, a old friend of mine popped up on Facebook, asking if I was up to anything. Instantly, I ditched work (because I’m a responsible adult), grabbed my camera, and ran off, giggling manically in my head that having no internet actually made me go outside…

The trip out was peaceful in a sense. We walked up towards our old school, which has since been demolished and rebuilt, and followed the road that leads out of our small town. I took photos of random things, including the imposing pylons that dot around in the farmer’s fields, and lampposts against large black clouds. As we walked, we chatted about all the things I had missed out on within the friend group (which turned out to be quite a lot!) and we both talked about how work was going, and all that usual guff. (It’s not guff to us, but I’m not going to regale all of our transcripts here!)

We walked past a farm, as is common on the outskirts of our tiny burg, and I commented on the lack of sheep that usually filled that particular field. As I turned back around, there they were, all trundling along towards us.. It was something straight out of Black Sheep. Not gonna lie, I was freaked out. Not what I want to turn back around to! At least there was a fence between us and the woolen psychos.

Before we finished the trek we had embarked on, we found a wonderful little nature area, with a stream running through it. It had began raining by the time we got there, but it was only a shower, with the sun still beaming through the branches! It was a gorgeous sight, and quite relaxing too. Ideal for a snack break! We headed back, and I got pizza. Because all the reasons. It was so needed/wanted after that expedition. Totally worth it though! It was a great day to just walk with an old friend, and take photos of what could be considered ‘nothing’. It was awesome. 10/10, would do it again- IGN.

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