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Just a short one for this, but I just wanted to talk about this weekend at work. It was seriously exciting, and I loved it more than usual.

For those of you who are aware (and if you’re not, follow this link:, Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity I regularly try to raise money for, and get invested in what they do for young people. I have raised money for them several times, by doing several gaming streams, selling prints and, this weekend, selling pin badges and wristbands to the patrons of After Dark.

I had a (nearly) full pack of wristbands and a full box of pin badges. Selling to several members of staff, as well as many to customers (wristbands as a massive hit with people my age and younger, I like it!) It’s definitely a cause many people can get behind, even if they’ve never been directly affected by cancer themselves, a lot of people dislike the thought of it, and will donate where they can.

After the whole weekend had finished, I tallied up the final total of £150! From three days fundraising, and a limited amount of resources, I think I, with a massive help from After Dark and its staff, did really well in raising more money for an amazing cause.

More fundraising, and ongoing fundraising, will be happening for a long time. Follow the links down below to find out more, and how you can help donate to the cause! Thanks for reading!

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