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It’s been a really creative week for me so far this week! Shoot Madness event last Saturday, once again with The Creative Duo, and some plans being made with an amazing friend of mine to develop our creative careers! I can’t wait.

I have also, since my last blog post, posted out my new prices for my work! No set bookings as of yet, but hey, I’m working on it.. So for now, I’m just going to talk about my awesome days that I’ve had this week. *inner fangirl squeeing*

On Saturday, it was finally the day that I had been waiting for since February! It had been planned for a long time that we were going to the Top Hat Studios in Newark (which looked amazing!), but sadly the studio had suffered a fire a week before the day of the shoot (*boo!* *hiss!*) so Mark and Treasa had to rush around to find us another studio that was equipped to handle our group! Lo and behold, they nailed it! They managed to book us into LP Photographix Studios in Alfreton, a studio with amazing sets to work in! Including *drum roll* a dungeon set! It was seriously so exciting to begin working within the studio. Mark even bought his incredibly adorable puppy (she’s not, she’s six years old, but PUPPY!) Mouna to the studio, who proved to be such a distraction on my behalf.. Whoops!

We were giving a tour of the place by Sarah, one of the owners, and I was amazed by how great the sets looked. The photos on Facebook do not do that place justice! If you’re a photographer or model reading this, I highly recommend this place to shoot in. Just go and shoot in it!

There were three photographers and three models for the day: for the photographers, there was me, Edward Andrew, and Peter Tyler; for the models, we had Ella Rainford, Layla Nixx, and Rebecca Loakes. I was unable to shoot on every set, because we just didn’t have the time! But I did get to shoot with each model twice, so each set I did was completely different, not only in style, but set-wise too! I was the only one who had worked with the models prior, but it was Ella’s first shoot outside of working with me, and Edward had wanted more experience with models. It was a great day for everyone’s levels of experience, and I will not shush about it!

During the day, I got to work in many different types of sets, as well as with different lighting and setups in general. Each shoot was different, even though I shot with each model twice. As a personal favourite, I really enjoyed working in the dungeon set with Layla, because it fit greatly with our own gothic and alternative interests! Win!

The day ended far too quickly, and I got to work in some wonderful sets, so for that day, it was back home for naptime, because, hey, I still had work that night! It was a great day, if not just because I got to work on something else rather than shooting drunks four nights a week! So I have much to edit this week thanks to that day, and I cannot thank Mark and Treasa enough for inviting me along to the day, and I seriously can’t wait for the next one.

That’s pretty much it for now, but I will try and keep you all updated as and when! Keep an eye out!

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