Dark, Dank, and Dreadful - A Story of Urban Exploration

Just got back today from an amazing trip to Nottingham. I’m not sure why I decided a Friday was the best time to go, after a Thursday night at work… But it’s fine, because this place was so so good.

It’s not far from the centre of Nottingham, and the place is *huge*. It used to be the Great Northern Goods Warehouse, but now it’s left empty and to rot. It’s definitely ominous in both size and look, and it was easy enough to get in. I dragged a few others along for the ride, and Tom Staniforth had shown us the way to and around the location.

We walked on site, and I fell in love with the place. It was dark, grimy, and downright creepy. Perfect place for any dark, grimy, and downright creepy shoots I may have planned for the future. This post is mostly going to be filled with pictures of the place, as my descriptions will not do it justice. So please enjoy a brief spam of photos.