Dreadful Get-Together

In a random splurge of productivity last night, I decided to create a Facebook group for my photography. It seemed like a very good idea, until I kept adding people in..

Okay, I’m lying. I do still think it’s an amazing idea! It’s basically so that I can easily connect with those who have worked with me, and those who want to work with me. A group chat was considered, but it seemed like too much of an annoyance to others, as many of us are already in group chats. So a group means that people still get to see when I’m planning and when, and they can choose whether to get involved or not. It also means I can post images and stuff from my page into the group too.

But so far, today, even though it’s only been one day, people are getting into it. It’s definitely something I am going to be using quite a lot in terms of planning. There are only a few people in my group at the moment, however, but I do plan to expand on that and hopefully invite in more people as time goes on, and create a bigger and expansive network of photographers and models. It’s also a great way for me to keep a record of what goes on during shoots or location scouts, ready for typing up and throwing location images in! AND! It’s good for showcasing to the other photographers in the group when we find somewhere awesome to shoot at. Yay!

This is pretty much all I have to say on the group for the moment, as I did only start it up today, but I will keep using it on a weekly or possibly daily basis, to keep myself up to date with current goings on and developments in shoot plans. Win!

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