Duck Duck Goose

Another adventure this month! This is, like, the fourth one we’ve done! However, this time, we’ve gone to a popular tourist location (I think I can call it that…) Rufford Abbey, as it has it’s own ruins to explore, as well as a creepy wooded area, and an animal graveyard for some of the original inhabitants pets. Cute, but macarbre.

We arrived, which a good amount of the day to explore. And exploring didn’t take long as a whole. Though we did geet chased by a load of ducks, up and down river!

For this post, words won’t cover all I have to say about it, as it was a more relaxed day than an exciting one, and that’s okay. It was more about getting Calum and Warren used to their own cameras, and experimenting with new equipment!

So here’s a load of pictures of the location, as there will soon be a little vlog about it on my YouTube channel, which you can find here: