Early Morning Rant(?)

You know, as I’m climbing into bed in the wee hours on a Thursday morning, I’m hit with a thought.

I’ve been looking at so many photographers, and all of their work (with the exception of some, as is with most arts) is incredible. And it makes me wonder..

Wonder if I too, am in the rungs of ‘mediocrity’, with my basic kit; wonder if someone above my skillset is looking down at me, questioning how I get work, resisting the urge to give me 'constructive’ criticism; wonder how on earth I can shoot a decent studio set, with the bare minimals I have, living to the whole 'it’s not your equipment, it’s what you do with it!’ mantra.

Now, this is not a 'fish for compliments’ post. I don’t want friends to comment on this, encouraging me just because they like *me*, rather than the work. No, I want people to look at the post and think “Wow, she’s got the determination to develop!” or “Her images could use work, lemme comment with some CC.” I’ve also had a bit of a weird day, with many highs and lows in just 24hrs. It’s been a strange, if not, deflating one at times, including when the images of the shoot yesterday evening didn’t come out the way I planned.

Maybe it’s just me being mardy. But either way, I’ve reviewed my work today, and it’s not too bad. However, there is still so much room for improvement, and I wanna get on that as soon as possible. Emotions like this can be somewhat disorientating, particularly for artists, but I’m using this as a springboard for motivation. I will use this feeling of mediocrity to develop on my weak areas, and truly begin to fulfil my dream profession of being a full time professional photographer.

And I will get there.

Sorry for my long rant, here’s a picture of a kitten for you amusement.

TL;DR: I’m feeling lousy, but I’m going to wake up and feel like a boss later. Toodles.

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