Final Fantasy: Piano Edition

It’s been pretty much a year since I started doing Next Level Gaming, and I’ve loved it each and every time. This time was no different. Though, it was a little..

Aaron had booked a live music act for the afternoon: Tom Powell, a pianist who was going to play songs from the Final Fantasy franchise. To buff my own skills as a photographer/videographer, I decided to try a multi-cam setup with two cameras. I set my a58 up as a static camera, on a tripod and relatively close to Tom, and filmed cutaways with my a77. I even managed to set my H1 microphone up on my Gorillapod to capture the sound from the piano.

As an aside, I’ve had the H1 for over a year now, and even though I’ve barely used it, it’s definitely something I’m glad to have in the bag, especially on projects like this. With filming in a location such as a church (where NLG is hosted), it can be difficult to deal with the acoustics. And when either camera can’t be near the source of the sound at all times, this is perfect.

So I managed to film the entire set with very little hiccups. The music performed was wonderful, and I found myself pausing throughout just to enjoy the set. It was lovely.

I rounded the day off with getting photos of gamers on the consoles and a couple of Pokemon card games, because hey why not? I’m looking forward to getting it all edited together! Should be an ‘easy’ enough job, with having the static footage to edit around. Aw yis.

*Edit: HERE IT IS! IT’S FINISHED! You guys have no idea what I went through to get this done… Hell. Absolute hell. But I hope you enjoy it regardless: *

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