Fishnets and High Heels

Back in 2015, I was booked by an old school friend of mine, Leigh-Anne, for her wedding, which was due this year. For reasons I won't go into, that was called off. So instead, I offered her a shoot of her choosing, like a family sitting. She did, however, completely surprise me.

Leigh-Anne, along with her friend Ella, met me at Warren's parents to shoot a boudoir set. She wanted to develop some confidence after what had happened previously. And it went wonderfully. It was my first boudoir set, and the women were definitely uneasy as it wasn't something they were used to either. But they looked incredible, and took to it so well! Definitely one of my favourite shoots so far this year.

#fashion #gothic #boudoir #firstattempt #portraiture #alternative

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