Gassed Event at Levels

Back once again like a photography master, F/5 aperture, power to the camera…

Okay, that was one way to open up a blog post, but there is a reason for it! Last night, I photographed an event over at Level 21. It was a UK Garage event hosted in our own little burg, and quite a few people had some intense interest.

I came home with 373 photos. From two hours at Level 21. I definitely got some good shots though. 117 of them. As in, I’ve already edited and sent off to the client! I don’t frick about with nightclub photos. Boom! I’m writing this after I’ve finished all the editing from tonight/this morning. The sky is far too blue.

Now, me being me, I know very little about the Garage scene, as it’s not something I listen to out of choice. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some EDM, 80s Retrowave and Dubstep (as well as most of the genres and subgenres of rock music. Obvs.) but Garage, Hip-Hop, and Rap music genres have never really interested me. Not saying they’re crap, just saying it’s not for me, please put down your pitchforks and hold your tomatoes until the end!

However, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy a live music performance, especially from one that invokes the crowd and encourages them to join in, with singing, hands in the air, and (in this case) taking selfies with the performers when they got close enough to the stage.

Two DJs: one, DJ Pied Piper, and the other DJ Redhot, both (in turn) performed their mixes with Champagne, an MCer (I think..?) who was the one getting the crowd into the party mode.

Photographing a nightclub, for me, is easy. Photographing a live act within a nightclub, on my ‘nightclub’ settings? Now that was hard. It was at least fifteen minutes of me swapping and changing settings until I was near enough to the sweet spot to keep getting those pictures with the right amount of ambient lighting, but also freezing the performers mid-motion. And even then, my TTL flash settings were off every so often, but playing with every other setting as well as the flash setting each time the lighting style changed..? No. That can stay on auto while I work nightclubs..

The night overall was awesome. I really enjoyed it, I loved capturing the crowd, and the performers were awesome to shoot! Woo!

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