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Yesterday has killed me off slightly. My arms and legs are slightly sore from the walk and the carrying of stuffs.. I went to go see a friend of mine who has been an aspiring model for some time now, but needs help to jump start it. Being that I am also needing models to shoot to further my own skills fully, it was a win-win for both of us! The things I do for TF shoots..

I trekked over to her place, overladen with camera equipment and some other bits I thought I’d need. (Seriously, I carried an umbrella for hours, as a *just in case*..) We hiked it over to a portion of woods, which also doubled as her daily dog walking sesh (obviously we are both so professional) through inches of thick mud and so many puddles it may as well have been a stream we walked down. Elvis (our four legged companion) loved it! At least he didn’t roll around in any.

We finally got to a clearing in these woods and began to set up. Now, I must point out that I overslept, so therefore did not get chance to fully enjoy the wintery daylight. So by the time I had set up, it was pretty dark.. And my wireless flash triggers weren’t working.. Goddamn it! So I had to make do with trying to use my pop-up flash and my flash gun on wireless (which is harder than it sounds when your model is paler than yourself.. All the overexposure! And Elvis, in his full beast mode, decided that instead of having sticks while he waited, he wanted whole trees. So the ‘clearing’ has expanded since we went.. Oops.

I didn’t take any pictures of the trek, as I should have done, but I loved the shoot, got some lovely shots with what we had to work with, and I can’t wait to edit them and post them to the world! It was a good day, finishing it up at Shannon’s house, with her family telling me to call ahead next time so they can feed me! I call that a win. Free food, yay!

I got home and spent the next few hours editing anyway, with a great message from Shannon saying she would like to work with me again! It was so awesome. Bring on 2016!

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