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What happens when a photographer gets ahead of herself , and decides that she is shooting, regardless of conditions? That’s right, we end up shooting in the rain! Yay! Thankfully, being a British photographer, I have a fair bit of equipment to protect my gear from getting too damn in the glorious meme that it the British Summer…

After the fun I had from shooting Rachel in Korra (and she told me then how she had many cosplays, and I wanted to shoot that!) I suggested that we shoot again. A few days ago, we decided on shooting on Tuesday. Even though Drownload is over, the wet weather wasn’t. So we thought we would do the shoot in the woods, to give us some cover. I proceeded to drag Warren and Calum with me, because if I have to suffer, so do they.

We took a walk from Warren’s house and around to a spot which had a large, open field, and a wooded area. So we hid in the woods and began to allow Rachel to get ready. Because we had planned to shoot in wooded areas, we came to a conclusion that it would be a great backdrop for Rachel’s Aurora cosplay, from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The rain was coming down pretty hard at the point, and the heavily saturated leaves above us were only adding to the size of the raindrops when they rolled off.. I seriously did not think this through. Oh well, we are here now! (Not right now, as I’m writing this in dry clothes at my computer, and a warm cup of tea. Yay!) I setup the tent, so I had a dry place for my gear, and Rachel had a place for her outfits and to change. Win.

In the time that Rachel changed, I was discussing which of Calum or Warren was going to hold the umbrella over Rachel while I took the photos. Calum then had the idea of MacGuyvering the umbrella to his monopod. This allowed him to hold the umbrella over Rach, without being too much in shot. Boom! This is why I pay him. (I lied. I don’t pay him.)

The shoot didn’t last very long. The rain soaked us through before long, and it just became a tedious shoot, trying to work in soggy clothes. Urgh. But we got some great shots from the day, and we planned to do it again on a much, much drier day.

As we were packing up, we noticed the sky getting steadily brighter. We thought that maybe it was just a break in the cloud.


The sky, within twenty minutes of us finishing up and setting down, had gone completely blue, with only a few wisps of clouds dotting the sky. Well. I’m annoyed. Lesson learned: patience!

We still got some great shots though! I have edited a couple already to post with this blog, so you can have a sneaky peak into what we got up to! Cannot wait to plan the next shoot with Rachel.

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