If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

Trying to plan a group shoot in the woods with four days planning is not the one. But we nailed it anyway!

So on Saturday, in a hour of mad creativity, I decided to ask a few of the people at work if they wanted to do a group shoot in the week. With a few of us being students, or in jobs with weird days off, we decided that Wednesday would be a good day. I also put it to the group to see if anyone else wanted to join. I love having that group. It’s probably only really good for portfolio building, but having it to hand has made life a little easier in that respect.

However, I have more models than photographers, so trying to even the playing field was a little trickey. Not too much, but it certainly did mean trying to make sure every model had at least one slot with each photographer.

I got to work on the schedule. Sadly, one of the models had to drop out, due to work commitments (Damn you, Ella! Why do you have to be the assistant manager?!) which made the scheduling a little easier then. I also paired up two of the models as a single act, which meant one less slot for models. After a couple of rewrites and additions, the schedule was finished. And the others seemed okay with it!

So the day finally arrives, and I pack a crap tonne of stuff to take with me for the afternoon. I’m getting picked up by Blythe, who was then going to pick up Shannon. We were meeting Alex, Megan Rose, Megan Dixon, Rach, and Sam there., with Calum joining us later. The togs of the day were:

  • Myself,

  • Sam,

  • Megan Dixon,

  • Calum

With the final model roster being:

  • Blythe,

  • Shannon,

  • Alex and Megan Rose (as a duo),

  • Rachel.

Each with our own preferred style and ideas, I was really looking forward to beginning the day, and seeing the shots being produced. Seriously, I cannot get over how much I love days like this. Woo!

That is until Blythe has car troubles, and ends up running very late! I mean, yeah, shit happens, but urgh. Bloody typical. As she was setting off, she realised she had a puncture. Clearly not safe or ideal, so she had to wait for assistance of a family friend to help her out. It was fine though, she got to me safe and sound! Thankfully. Yeah, we were a good bit late, but sadly, what can you do?

We arrived in Sherwood Forest (being the chosen location) with no problems after that, and got setup in a clearing nearest the carpark. Boom! No messing around (except waiting for Rachel to get ready, and at one stage, I had to go meet Calum to pay his parking), but once everyone had arrived, we were good to go.

The day went smoothly, with everyone getting on and shooting some creative ideas. I personally shot an almost lingerie shoot with Shannon, a tree-climbing Astrid shoot with Rachel, a cutesy twin shoot with The Twinnies (Megan Rose and Alex), a gothic witchy shoot with Blythe, and an Alice in Wonderland style Down-The-Rabbit-Hole shoot with Shannon as a final shot of the day. And that was just the shots I did. Sam has, by the time of writing this, has already posted some of his shots into the group that he’s done! Looking forward to seeing the rest! Deffo need to do another one, for sure.

Following the small trend in our group, I’ve picked one from each shoot as a teaser. Enjoy!

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