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Update post! I’ve not had much time to write about what I’ve been doing (which is always a massive bonus when being a creative!), between doing shoots, pulling in extra hours at work, or having some time to catch up with friends, it’s been hectic!

Last weekend, I managed to snag myself an opportunity to shoot a charity gig at another local venue. It was an amazing experience, and I got to brush up on my gig photography skills. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a gig, with most of them being at a weekend, and I start work at 11pm most nights! It was an awesome night, starting with Jess Kenton, an acoustic act, who sang and played guitar, including The Cranberries’ song Zombie, which was a highlight. I managed to stick around long enough to see Richard Jenkins and The Young before I had to disappear for work. I was not too impressed that I had to miss the headlining band, For The Girl, but hey, adulting is a thing right now. It was such a nice experience to get to listen to local upcoming bands, as well as get involved with the community. The whole night in itself was to raise money for the charity CLIC Sargent, who helps children and young people who have been diagnosed with cancer. A great night for a brilliant cause, and I came home with 6gbs worth of photos! They have been a bugger to go through, let me tell you..

Apologies for phone quality! Photos to be done soon!

Saturday was a fairly busy one too! Starting at Next Level Gaming in the morning, an event put on every month for people to gather and play games of differing varieties, including video games and card games. I’ve been shooting this event on a regular basis since July of last year, and it’s an awesome day each time. This time around, I even got to meet a Doctor Who cosplayer, taking inspiration from David Tenant’s time as the Doctor. His cosplay was ridiculously good, and even his wife had fashioned her dress in the design of the TARDIS! He took a business card, and hopefully he will be in contact to work on his professional headshots and promotional shots to take his cosplaying to the next level (heh, next level.. Next Level Gam-- oh never mind.)

Callum and Caroline!

After NLG, and a brief nap, I made my way to work, as we had a massive promotional night to document. Between the amazing amount of Amigos merchandise and normal customer actics to photograph, I also had the joy of working with firebreathers; two women had been hired for the night to spin flaming batons and breathe fire in front of an awed crowd! Photographing fire at night is something I have never done before, and I had to think on my feet to get the settings I needed to reach the images full potential. Moving, flaming subjects in a dark surrounding.. This meant getting real pushy with my camera settings. Thankfully, I got the shots I wanted! After much trial-and-erroring, I finally reached a point where I was happy with the shots that were developing! They’re far from perfect, but I’m still impressed with what I achieved.

Firebreathers - #Chantico!

The problem with finding your perfect job at a weekend is that most others plan events, gigs, and photoshoots on the weekend! This weekend, I have two Shoot Madness events to attend to, one in Nottingham and one in Derby! Sleep will have to wait until Monday…

Thanks for reading my ultra-long post! Here’s a picture of a kitty to make up for it. I hear the internet loves cats. Or something to that attest.

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