Long Night Followed By Tired Morning

It’s 9:30am, I’ve been awake long enough to see the sunrise, and my eyes hurt from staring at a monitor for so long. It’s been one of those nights.

I’ve been working on my website today. Granted, I didn’t wake up yesterday until 7pm, which was ridiculous, so I’ve made up for it by working on my site! It’s been well over a year since it’s update, and I have done a fair amount of work to it! Or so it feels. So much editing to add to it, as well as replacing a lot of nonsense on it. I’ve not even added most of what I needed yet! It’s going to take a while!

Though, Wix have now added new fonts as well as a blogging area! That has been a long time coming, and it now means I can consolidate of a lot of my work into one place. Between using Facebook to attract new clients, Tumblr to create blog posts, and Twitter to spew inane ramblings, it’s nice to try and attempt to compile it to one page! Or I could keep online networking like a madman. The latter sounds almost interesting..

So now I’m finally off to have a few hours sleep before tonight. I’ve got a charity gig at the Stag and Pheasant to photograph, as well as my normal two shifts at each of the venues. I am going to be so tired, but it’ll be so so worth it! Cannot wait!

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