Making Bank on Bank Holiday Weekend

I’m hastily scribbling this before I have to get ready, as I’m going to Wakefield with the AD crew! I cannot wait. After this weekend, I can’t wait to let my hair down, and explore the new After Dark that has been opened in Wakefield! Woo!

So this weekend has been busy to say the least. It’s been video weekend at After Dark, so that’s one thing; I also managed to nab myself a little bit of work before After Dark, at Industria, on Sunday. My night was, from start to finish,

  1. Industria

  2. After Dark, and

  3. Level 21.


Actually, it really wasn’t too bad. I did have to do the quickest outfit change after Industria and before After Dark, but I got my gear ready AND got changed in 15 minutes. I think that’s a win, personally. Level 21 had their own event on, put on by one of their DJs, Mark Feek, showcasing different DJs and their styles. I’m not an expert on music styles, but it got the crowds moving and interested, and I take that as a good sign!

So because of this weekend, I’ve gotten a video to edit, as well as some photos left over from the weekend. Seven sets of nightclub images in total, and a song-length video… YAY! Let’s hope I’m not too hungover tomorrow..

I did say this was going to be a short one! So this is it for now. I’m off to go and bully the Wakefield photographer!

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