Monster Girl Challenge: #2 Centaur

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Following last week's Harpy stream, this week we continued our Monster Girl challenge. The prompt was Centaur, so in the days leading up to the stream, I wondered how I was going to go about it: either a composite image using stock images and a model, or impulsively purchase a Monster High Fright-mares doll in case I couldn't get the composite right. I didn't actually do that, thankfully. I held my breath and dove into the images.

I took the photos that I needed the day before the stream, as I figured if I didn't like them, I still had at least a day to either fix them or completely retake them. Thankfully, they turned out how I hoped, which was elevated by the fact I had just managed to nail that golden hour look I was hoping to snatch up.

Then came the hard part: merging my photos with a stock image of a foal I had found on Adobe Stock. I collected multiple images of the same foal, so I could pick and choose what poses would suit (in regards to both my model and the foal). It took a lot of masking, burning and dodging, and many many restarts of the entire thing. But I got there in the end, and I'm actually pretty happy with it.

There is a lot more work that ideally needs to go in, particularly with the colour grading of the horse to fit with my image, and feathering the details in a bit more so they both look flush together. This was my first composite in a while, though I recognise I could learn so much more. So I'm gonna! But for now, I like this and quite happy with the work so far.

centaur foal filly
Young female centaur

I also ended up not using all of the images of my model during the stream, so I'm going to put them here, for other to peruse. The golden hour is such a good time to shoot, and I love it.

Images shot on Sony a77ii, with a Sony 85mm 2.8 lens. Editing done in Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC 2019.

Check out the full stream here:

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