Monster Girl Challenge: #7 Dryad

One day, my sister will absolutely get sick of me dragging her out for weird and wacky ideas that I might have. But until then, I'm going to keep on doing it!

Before the shoot commenced, I spent an hour or so collecting twigs, leaves and branches to use on a headpiece that would be suitable for a dryad/forest spirit themed photoshoot. I have never made a headpiece before, but I'm not letting that stop me!

tree leaves greenery
When shoot prep involves collecting tree litter.

Once I gathered the right amount of materials, I sat down and began designing the headpiece on stream, ready for the shoot the following day. The stream for the headpiece can be found here, though it did only take me about three hours to put it together, which I was most impressed with. If the stream is too long for you, here are images of the final product.

I had also bought a new lens earlier today, so you can absolutely believe I will be using that for the shoot! I will post an in-depth review when I can. And the shots I managed to produce were awesome. I picked a little spot near my house that was fairly dense woodland, and we would have little to worry about in terms of the public. A few test shots of varying settings, and then I got to work. My sister did amazing with my direction and really brought the project to life. It was such an great shoot, the images are certainly ones I am proud of.

By the end of it, the mask did not hold up, which was a shame. It lasted for the duration of the shoot, and I was at least happy about that.

Equipment: Sony A77ii with Sigma ART f/1.4 35mm lens

Editing software: Adobe Lightroom CC 2019

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