Monster Girl Challenge: #5 Mermaid

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Considering I came into this prompt straight off a holiday at Great Yarmouth, which was absolutely swarming with various types of mermaid figures and plush toys, I felt I had next to nothing to shoot. And there were a lot of mermaid themed items in a coastal town, but I am just far too picky for my own good.

Seriously, look at all this. I did buy the pony-maid though. None of the others really spoke to me. There was a Monster High doll that was a two-headed mermaid, but again, it didn't strike me full of inspiration.

However, after returning home on Friday, Saturday was spent browsing shops in my town to try and find something to do for the evening's stream. During a scour around Poundland, I found mermaid dolls which actually finally sent a creative spark off. So I bought them with the idea in mind to dismember them and use them inside a cauldron I own, while using a Monster High doll and transforming her into a sea witch.

Using hot glue, Halloween balloons and very shaky hands, I managed to combine the dolls together to create a setup that I enjoyed aesthetically. And with two flashes on wireless triggers, I also succeeded in getting the lighting that I wanted for the scene. You can watch the stream of the crafting here, and the editing process here.

It was definitely an enjoyable process, even if I struggled to become inspired until the last minute, and the final images are some of my favourites that I have created this year so far. Next week's prompt is Spider, so this is going to take some work.

Equipment: Sony a77ii body, with Sony 35mm f/1.8 lens. Sony HVL-F60M and Cactus R60 flashes with wireless triggers. Edited in Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 (Lightroom and Photoshop).

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