Monster Girl Challenge: #6 Spider

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears of the humans, varying in intensity, from being able to deal with spiders if they're at a distance to not being able to look at images of them on a screen.

I am what I would consider a recovering arachnophobe: I don't instantly go to kill them if they are in my room like I used to, looking for ways to safely extract them to the outside (if that's their natural habitat); I actually enjoy researching the different species, especially those found in the British countryside, to try and ID the various ones I take photos of for my stock photography; and I enjoy watching ExoticsLair on YouTube, which features a young man caring for his multitude of tarantula species, ranging from tiny slings (baby tarantulas) to full grown adults. Because I used to have a fear of them, I am entirely fascinated by them.

Growing up with a mother with a particularly intense phobia of all spider species meant I would associate spiders with strong reactions of distress for a long while. It wasn't until in my late teens, I ended up caring for a Chilean Rose tarantula, an excellent beginner species with generally a calm and relaxed temperament. I also bought my own Pink Toe tarantula as a birthday present to myself a couple of years later, to add to the menagerie of pets I owned at the time. Both of them were incredible to watch, especially during their molts, and I feel like caring for them helped me grow as a person in terms of challenging my fears. Much like this current challenge of creating monsters to photograph!

This week's prompt was indeed spider, and I had a very random doll that has interchangeable eyes and body parts. Sadly, I only had the doll with no additional parts to change her, but I made it work. Crafting a web using a stretchy net material, as well as wrapping up another doll in the same material to suggest a victim in the spider's web. I added a fake spider to the backdrop to give it a bit more edge to it. If I could have done, I would have absolutely covered the backdrop in tiny plastic spiders for extra effect. Table tennis balls were added as well, as spider eggs.

It was a great little shoot overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. You can watch the stream of it all here! An initial count of 137 images imported into Lightroom, and yet a final count of nine. I am really using up my camera's shot count..

Equipment used: Sony A77ii body, with Sony 35mm f/1.8 lens. Sony HVL-F60M flash with Hahnel Captur wireless triggers.

Edited in Adobe Lightroom CC 2019.

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