New Camera and Shoot Madness Edits.

It’s been a little while since I made a post on my blog, but I’ve been that busy lately, I just can’t seem to tell the difference between my head and my backside. And with how much nonsense I talk, some people tend to agree with that anyway!

Developing those skills, yo.

So as we enter the third month of the year, I’ve managed to finish pretty much all of my editing for the shoot madness events in February (except one set, like a true pro…), did two videos for work, and well as take a well-needed three day break at my dad’s house. I legit played video games for two days straight. It was amazing.

Though, while I was there, I picked up a camera upgrade. I say picked up. I went to one shop and then had to order it from another one of their branches, but it’s fine! I did get an absolute bargain. After I realised my a35 is seriously starting to wane on me, with not focussing as quick as it used to, some photos coming out blue or off-colour, and not setting off the flash at times or at the right setting, I knew it was time for an upgrade.

I went to my Dad’s on the Monday, knowing that, within the time frame I had before work, which was on Thursday, I would be able to pick up a decent camera in a local city, with the help of my dad who has worked many years of sales. His gift of the gab could hopefully snag me a decent bargain.

I was going to just simply go to Curry’s PC World for an a58, a camera I know is pretty damned decent for both stills and filming, and I needed something that I could use for video work too. The a58 allows me to fully control the exposure in every which way for filming, so I was pretty set on getting another. However, I had completely forgotten about the London Camera Exchange, a retailer in which I have bought a few camera pieces from in the past, including my trusty 35mm lens and my a200. So I searched for a branch local to my dad, and lo and behold, there was one in Derby! Woop!

Feeling floaty!

My logic was, if Curry’s PC World were selling my a58 at under £300, maybe I could find a body-only deal at LCE. This was the idea anyway. So with Monday evening and Tuesday being spent spending time with the family and playing Terraria with the baby bro, we decided that we would take a trip out on Wednesday, and from there, my dad could take me home. One easy trip!

We arrived in Derby Wednesday morning, and Google Mapped our way to LCE (stopping in the Disney shop on the way there. It would have been rude not too!). We found it in good time, and I went straight in to find what I had in mind. I have had my heart set on an a77ii for a few months now, but it’s still just out of my price range, and I need something to replace my a35 sooner rather than later. Oh, the first world problems of an event photographer and videographer. I asked at the desk for any of their body-only deals they might have had. Sadly, they had none. But they looked on their site and their Leamington branch had one a77, body-only, for £320, which was £20 more than what I was looking at for an a58. They passed the Leamington branch’s number to me, and one phone call later, I had an a77 on it’s way to me.

It arrived Thursday morning, much to my excitement! The knock on the door from the postman made me jump out of bed so fast, I sent my Xbox controller flying across the room. Once I had my box, I tore it open, and there it was: my new a77 beauty. And it is beautiful. From the LCD screen that I can move out and around my camera body vertically, to the 124ms ‘delay’ from me pressing the shutter button to having the image on screen. It is insanely beautiful all over.

Excuse poo Instagram quality..

I didn’t want to take it to work with me that night, because it was all so new. But using my a35 after playing around with my a77 just felt wrong. My a35 is definitely lacking. I used it Friday night though, and honestly, the difference was just astounding. I have fallen in love with my camera all over again. It’s amazing. The difference in speed and quality just astounds me.

But it has been another busy weekend for me as well, with working at Stag Band Live again, as well as NLG, I’m happy with my workload this week! I love what I do.

Sony a35 - 17mm; 1/4 sec; 800 ISO; f5; external flash at 1/8

Sony a77 - 17mm; 1/4 sec; 640 ISO; external flash at 1/8

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