Pole Dancers and Bass Players

Yes! Finally! I had managed to get the time off work for a Degeneration Dolls event at The Old Salutation Inn in Nottingham. And omg was it awesome.

It certainly has been a long night though. I set off from my house at 5pm, and only just got back in, nearly twelve hours later. Oh the joys of living an hour out of Nottingham. Fun.

However, I definitely wouldn’t trade it. I got to watch four live rock/alternative bands, and an Elvis Preistley tribute act, as well as get to know some of the Degeneration Dolls themselves, and watch a small number of them pole dance. It certainly was one of the best nights this weekend so far. And I’m only on Friday (well, technically, it’s Saturday now, but shuuuushh).

I’m genuinely still impressed at how I swapped a night that involved a rave, to a night that was made up of everything a photographer of my style absolutely loved. So good.

I could go on forever about how much I enjoyed the night, from stepping into the venue and having my ears blown out by raw, distorted guitar, to watching a man near his 50s and rocking a mohawk have a go on the pole himself.

It was also a night I was being tested in terms of lenses and lighting. A lot of the night was spent using my trusting 35mm f1.8, because of it’s focal length and wide aperture. I was still having to push the ISO though, which on my a77 proved to be pretty okay. A bit of noise reduction in Lightroom should help with that though!

I couldn’t help myself and had to edit a few pictures from the night. I can’t wait to get into these!

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