Post-Apocalyptic Photography

Wednesday (yesterday) was spent doing a Fallout-themed photoshoot location scout, which actually turned into a bit of a photoshoot in itself! On the way back from the Shoot Madness, I spotted an abandoned building on the edge of Mansfield, so I made a mental note of where it was and decided I was going to drag Zoe back there at some point! And when I woke up in the glowing afternoon sun, I wanted to get it done there and then.

A quick message to Zoe to see if she was up to it (she was, win!), I was dressed and out the door within twenty minutes! I got to hers, finding her already dressed in her cosplay outfit, and we left to make sure we found the place with plenty of sunlight left. We did, but unfortunately, there was no way onto the premises, and I was really sad. The place is spot on for what we need it for, and I need to get in there! But that will be for another day..

We weren’t ready to leave there and then, however. A short wander around the area found us a great little place to shoot in, in case that building we found is permanently out of bounds! I do need to get on that to try and find a way in, so I will try to locate someone who can give us that permission! We were gutted, but happy that we found such a place. We found a little incline that led up towards a few warehouses, surrounding a small patch of concrete, grass, and random bits of debris that made a pretty spot on location for the shoot!

With my new favourite lens, the 85mm, at the ready, we snapped away! We only spent around an hour or so shooting the actual shoot, maybe two hours all together in exploring and walking between Zoe’s house and the location itself. It was a glorious sunny day, and we took full advantage of that golden hour of the evening, creating that warm glow that is a common design staple of the Fallout games; the orange, humid glow of a radiated desert caused by a nuclear war.

The shoot ended, with a few cute selfies to end the day, as well as some location snaps, we ended up taking a quicker walk back to Zoe’s, through a wonderful nature reserve nestled between a couple of industrial estates.

It’s nice to have such supportive friends, ones who also have similar interests to yourself, so you can work as an amazing team to achieve awesome stuff! And I know for a fact that Zoë and I will continue to work together and create great pieces of work!

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