Prom Queen Murder Scene

When your sister and her friend want to be part of what you do, you can only happily oblige and feel proud that she's taking an interest in what you do. Shame it was going to be a horror scene! After asking a friend of mine to borrow her back garden for the location, because of the gorgeous swing, I made a quick plan of attack. It was also going to be the last time I was able to shoot with Nessie, as the new school year was about to start. Dressing Nessie and Tahira in stylish prom dresses (which was not easy with Tahira, because she's taller than me!), we got to work, and it was an awesome shoot overall. Nessie was not pleased with the use of fake blood on her hair or on her face, but it really added to the scene. So so good. Really enjoyed the shoot, and the girls, after being cleaned up, felt happy with their involvement! For our next project, there will be something wrong with Esther..

Equipment: Sony A77ii body and Sony 35mm f/1.8 lens

Editing software: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

#contentwarning #blood #teens #horrorshoot

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