Silent Pig Farm

Just a week later, and we’re doing another cosplay shoot. This time, it’s Calum in front of the camera!

Calum has his own cosplay outfits, one of them being Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 (and other games/films he shouldn’t belong in, but eh). I had mentioned about shooting him as Pyramid Head before, but we had never gotten around to it. Until today.

Blythe knew of an abandoned place we could go shoot at: a pig farm that still had a lot of its old farm buildings. Blythe took Warren and I one morning after work to go and have a quick location scout before the shoot itself, and it gave me chills just looking at it. We didn’t explore much, but a good walk around the outside of the buildings proved that it was somewhere I wanted to shoot a horror-based cosplay. It’s not the *perfect* location for Pyramid Head, as Silent Hill 2 spends a fair amount of time in a dilapidated apartment building. However, not many of those exist anymore, so we made do with what we could.

We arrived, set up in one of the empty rooms, and Calum began to change to his outfit. I went ahead to scout the house a little more, as this was something we didn’t quite get to do the other night. Though, I was concerned that, due to the ease of getting in, there may have been people engaging in activities that were not something we wanted to get involved in.. However, the house was quite empty today, but visible signs of people, at some point, using the house as a hangout area.. Yay.

I helped Calum achieve the Pyramid Head look, by soaking him in red paint, fake blood, and liquid latex. It was awesome. (There will be a video accompanying this blog, but do bare with me, as I’m awful at keeping to my personal schedule.. Bare with me!)

We had a brief “Duck and cover!” Moment, as at one stage, there was a helicopter that landed in a field behind the house. There weren’t any ‘Keep Out’ (or similar) signs around, but we assumed that if the police did arrive, we would have to leave the location. I was made aware, before the day of the shoot, that many people had been up there stealing the metal off the property, and destroying parts of it because, hey, why not? And I did not want to be associated with that! Ooo no.

The helicopter soon buggered off, and we were ready to begin shooting. I dragged Calum through different parts of the house as Pyramid Head. I did kinda hope someone came up to explore, just so we could scare the absolute poo out of them. (Spoiler: no one did) But we managed to get some dark and creepy photos of Calum in his outfit, in the house, and around in the buildings outside. It was awesome. Once the shoot had finished, Blythe had great delight in ripping off the liquid latex from Calum’s arm. Which, incidentally, he had forgotten to shave before the shoot. Heh. Heheh. (Again, video to come soon)

We ended the shoot on some photos of Blythe and Warren in my new shirts and hoodies, because they look awesome! Good day. Good, good day!

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