Sky Waves and Twisted Updrafts

It’s been (surprisingly!) amazingly warm and bright in England this week. But every warm spell, as is standard by English weather, must end with a bang. And with a bang it did.

The air had been extremely heavy all day, but by late afternoon, the sky was pretty much black. We all knew what was coming. However, I had spotted a small funnel cloud popping out from below one of the heavy cumulonimbus clouds. I watched it for a few minutes, until I realised it was fully swirling and stretching. Out of sheer excitement, I grabbed my camera and my 75-300mm Mintolta lens (f/4.5-5.6), and began snapping away. By the time I had gotten it set up to the right settings, I had just missed it touch down twice upon the hill, just outside my little town. It really was exciting!

For some context, I had been scared of thunderstorms for pretty much all of my life, until I hit 19, and in a fit of rage walked the five minute trek from my house into the town centre in the middle of a particularly large storm. I had, however, been facisnated with them through my personal fear, and I attribute this to overcoming my fear and actually managing to photograph something so intense (for British weather, it was intense!)

So here are the images from the afternoon. These were the best ones out of the huge selection I had ended up with, and the editing could have done with some work. But I was impressed enough with these, that I thought I would put them up here for good measure!

As always, thank you for reading, and I hope to keep you entertained with more of my ramblings and photos. In no particular order.

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