Sunday's Shoot Spectacular

Okay, so I’m now a couple of days late with this post, and seriously, I have no idea where the hell my time went. Like, one minute I was sat in my computer chair writing up the last post; now, I’m sat in my computer chair, writing up this post. I swear I’ve done stuff between those times, but I honestly have no idea where the time went. It’s just seemingly merged into one long working day.

So last week, I made a post about my attendance to a Shoot Madness on the Saturday. This time, I’ll be talking about the one I went to on the Sunday, which was something of a doozy of a shooting event.

Work pictures, to break the monotony!

After falling asleep around 5am, I was woken up again at 7.20. I needed to be leaving the house at 7.30, so I pretty much had to dive out of bed, grab my camera bag, make myself look less haggard and rush to Mansfield to meet Charlotte (Yetti), who was also attending the event. I sat in the car and was soon joined by another Charlotte, my first model of the day! Yetti soon arrived, and we went to pick up Jo, one of the headlining models, as well as her boyfriend Beu, from Nottingham. We headed out of Nottingham and straight for the Derbyshire countryside, where the location was set. Many winding roads later (much to Yetti’s amusement!), we had arrived. And when they said ‘mansion’ in the event description, they really weren’t kidding.

This place was huge, with three floors of rooms and many rooms within each level, all of impressive size. The master bedroom even had a balcony within the room itself, it was all really impressive! Swapping my outdoor shoes for my indoor slippers, I made my way into the house, and gathered with my equipment and travel buddies, we moved further into the house. Once I had settled my stuff, I introduced myself to Beth, the event organiser (who thought I was ginger!) and explored the house a little more. Everything was pristine and so well laid out, it was genuinely a location I was looking forward to shooting in: large windows allowed for much in terms of natural lighting as well as posing, and the multitude of spotlights in the ceiling for warming ambient light; many rooms and surrounding outdoor locations to shoot in, with vast, rolling landscapes for a dramatic backdrop; and the many, many rooms to choose from, including a vast kitchen, a jacuzzi room, and a sauna. It was, in fact, a great place to run wild in.

My first model of the day with Charlotte, who I had rode in with. We swiped a couple of items off the Alibi table, which Yetti had set up in a room just off from the kitchen, and made our way to our first room location, which just so happened to be the jacuzzi room! Yes! Large room, which I kid you not, is about the same size as my bedroom, with a decent sized window to work with plenty of the natural light that we could snag, in between the sun being hidden by clouds (dat British weather doe). We got some lovely shots of Charlotte, using the backlight from the window, the jacuzzi, the shower cubicle and a lovely chaise longue provided within the room.

Loverly customers.

My second shoot that day was with Jo, who was one of the headliners for the event. We have worked together previously on shoots for Alibi Clothing, but it has been a long time since then! So we worked together on an interesting shoot where we gathered the only two male models in the building, Jamie and Jo’s boyfriend Beu, for an ‘affair-style’ shoot, in which Jo was to be cheating on Jamie with Beu. It ended up being easily one of the funniest shoots we had done! I could barely hold my camera up steady to make the shoot something we could use. But, in all seriousness, it was an amazing shoot, and I would have loved to have done it again.

My third shoot was with a lovely girl called Danielle. After the fun that we had with Jo’s shoot, and my lack of sleep starting to catch up with me from the weekend, I was struggling to come up with something that was interesting and creative for Danielle. She was a charming girl, and had a look of quiet elegance around her, and I wanted to portray that, but my mind was addled. I think Drunk Me gets more creative than Tired Me. It was honestly a struggle for me to try and express Danielle in the way that I felt I could. We ended the shoot with time to spare, and thankfully Danielle was really quite happy with the images. It was a slight perk, but I would have loved to have not been tired for that so I could have worked better.

After shooting with Danielle, it was lunch time. I quickly grabbed my own lunch as well as my large can of necessary energy drink goodness, I sat down to wolf down my food and gulp down the sweet nectar of the gods. I know they’re probably one of the worst ways to keep my energy up, but I definitely needed to somehow that day! I spoke with Beu, Jamie, Kit and Steph about their shoots so far, and what we had planned for the afternoon.

Samantha was my next model to work with that afternoon. We bundled ourselves into the master bedroom, and decided to make use of the bed and large window. It was another simple shoot, emphasising the gorgeous dresses Samantha had brought with her. She had also dyed her hair blue before the shoot, so her hair matched the room’s decor! We were amused.

Once the shoot with Samantha was over, it was confirmed that my next model and unfortunately been unable to attend. With that said, I took some time to talk with Yetti about her uni work, and how she balances that with Alibi and her jobs. She has amazing organisation and I am seriously envious. I wish I could organise my time correctly for such things!

Beu came back into the Alibi room, after seeing Jo off to another photographer. I then decided that, in my spare slot, to shoot with Beu, but with a twist. I was going to pose Beu like a female model would pose, with full ‘cleavage’ and booty shots! I got him changed into an Alibi Zombie vest, some hot pants and a choker that aptly said ‘Queen’ on it (I did want one that said ‘Princess’, but there wasn’t one!). I ushered him into one of the spare rooms, which was the en suite to the master bedroom. Posing him in the way that most female models would, we managed to pull off our first ‘dude-oir’ shoot, and it was simply hilarious! Jo, Yetti and a few others had a good laugh at the images once we got back downstairs, and I think it’s one of the most anticipated sets of the day!

Sorry for party rockin'.

Before my final shoot of the day, I was invited to a workshop with Rob, who was covering how to interact with models and make them feel comfortable throughout the shoot. It goes without saying that a photographer should push their model to work beyond their levels. For example, asking a model who does fashion shoots to go topless is one big no-no and can really ruin your rapport with the model, as well as your reputation as an approachable photographer. Showing them the images as you go through each set and pose is also important, to keep the communication channels open and clear, and let’s you both decide where to move from there. However, the most important thing to learn with model photography is: do not touch the model. Unless you have asked first and have permission to do so, such as adjusting a garment, or moving stray hair from the face, you should never physically touch a model. This goes for all models, regardless of gender, as everyone should be able to feel comfortable with who they are working with if they are to work together again. During the workshop, we got to work with Paige, who was more than happy to be the centre of attention at a group shoot such as the one we were doing. I managed to get a few sneaky shots in before I had to disappear to my final slot.

My final slot of the day was with a girl called Beth, who I had spoken to previously about a levitation shoot. However, it was a brief conversation, so not much was set in stone, so when the time arrived, we stuck her in a gorgeous dress and set up the scene to plan for the levitation shoot! I have done composite images before, and had no problem in combining elements of images together to create an amazing piece of art. It was a shoot done quite easily and quickly, with me taking shots as Beth gracefully made poses that would have been relatable to a dream-like state. It was definitely a creative shoot, with the final image not being able to be seen until they are edited together in some form or another!

The day rounded off with me and Charlotte from the first shoot got a lift back home with Jamie, one of the male models from the day. The route we tried taking on the way back looked like we could have been murdered to some degree, and it was horrifying. Especially in the dark and the rain, if we weren’t careful, we were ending up in a ditch! However, Jamie’s driving skills got us back to Chesterfield where we stopped off for a KFC (being that Charlotte hadn’t eaten all day), before setting off back to my house, so I could nap before the night’s events.

I could really go for a drink right about now..

All in all, it was an amazing day, and certainly an amazing weekend to finish off. Granted, I struggled through Sunday night’s shift at work, but after being awake for so long on such little sleep, it was enough to drive me mad. I knew it was the last thing to get through before I could finally sleep, and my body knew it. But I did it! I finished it off with no crying, kicking or screaming, and jumped into bed at half 4 Monday morning and sleeping until…



An aside note: I do apologise for lack of pictures relating to Sunday’s event. Due to my ever so busy schedule, it has genuinely been a struggle for me to even look at them. I spent four days this week purely editing and updating my social medias (including this blogging nonsense) so I’m still now playing catch-up. I will be all up to date soon, and many pictures will be posted. Thanks for sticking with me, guys! I appreciate it! <3

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