Surprise! You're 70!

I do love the fact that even in my line of work, I have repeat business. Karen is someone I have known for years, and even when I briefly did Avon, she would regularly buy from me! Win! So when she asked me last year to photograph her son’s birthday, I of course said yes, and had no issue with her asking again for her mum’s surprise birthday party.

It was a wonderful night, with lots of smiles to be had. It was definitely a different type of event that I normally do, as certain members of the family weren’t eager about being photographed.. Normally, at work, I would leave this people to their own devices: it’s not necessary for them to have a photo taken. But at a family event, where these memories will be cherished for a long time, and to not have everyone in the final album may not appease many clients. So I normally make jokes on how people will only laugh at it for a year or so, and I haven’t been punched for that yet, so it’s all good.

The night was great, and Maggie had a lot of laughs and danced the rest of the night away. I couldn’t stay all night as, yay work! It’s fine though, as I got eggs to hatch on Pokemon Go. Walking to work, like a true Pokemon photographer(!)

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