Teenage Cancer Trust: A New Fundraiser

Depressing Life Story, coming up!... What do you mean, “no-one asked for this”?

(Disclaimer: This blog post will be following a video I’ve also done, relaying all of the information posted below. This is just if you don’t fancy sitting through a video! And in case I missed anything in the video… So professional..)

Now some of you may know that, a couple of years ago, 5th October 2013, I lost a very dear friend to cancer. Gemma was an amazing person: fun, intelligent, highly creative and had an amazing love of video games. She would recommend some awesome ones to me, including one of my all-time favourites, Alan Wake. And if Alan Wake is not your favourite video game, then you’re wrong.

Back before I realise what a decent camera was.

Meeting on the same college course back in 2009, we instantly clicked. We had so much in common, including personal style, music, and creative ideas. Gemma was a great friend and gaming buddy, another person who I could have a laugh and a joke about the stupid crap we did in said video games. (We stifled many giggles when Noam Chomsky was mentioned in our Film and TV studies class..)

Noam Chomsky

Gnome Chompski

One of those games she loved was Fallout franchise. Especially Fallout 3. Unfortunately, she had passed before Fallout 4 was announced, but she was looking forward to it incredibly. It became the game I would associate her to, much like how I would associate college to the feeling of dread and anxiety, Fallout 3 became ‘Gemma’s game’.

After we tragically lost her (and I could go through a day without bursting into tears), six months later, on 23rd April 2014, I did a full 24hr stream, consisting of the Left 4 Dead games, and what very little I could of Fallout 3 (because apparently, Fallout 3 struggles to work on PC… Thanks guys! *sarcasm*), raising over £350 in that one day of gaming for a charity that helped Gemma through her time of need: Teenage Cancer Trust. Sadly, I can’t spend 24hrs on a stream now, so this time around what I’ve done, is this:

Screengrab from said video. See!? It exists!

It’s a print, something I spent a fair amount of time on from start to finish, following the designs of the Fallout Shelter mobile game, and Gemma’s own style (or as much as I could work with with my limited drawing skills..) and it will be made available as a hard copy to those in the UK (because, hey, postage is like 60p). However, if you live abroad, and you wish to purchase the print, a digital copy will be emailed to you, as soon as a donation is made to my Just Giving page (because, hey, postage is *not* 60p).

Any and all proceeds made from this will be going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. The image itself comes in two sizes: a 4x6inch print, backed onto a 5x7inch canvas board, priced at £5; as well as this, an 8x10inch print, backed onto a 10x12 canvas board is also available, priced at £12. You can also purchase pin badges and wristbands with the Teenage Cancer Trust logo on from me, for £1 each, with all proceeds going back to the charity. The wristbands even come in three different colours! Woo!

And these are going to be available to buy from me, both at the Next Level Gaming event, at Sanctuary Gaming Centre, and through my Facebook page. All links will be posted in the description of this video, including where to find the Next Level Gaming event.

Back in February, I also did a photoshoot to promote the product and some of what the charity does, with massive help from my friends and my partner to get that done. It was a great day, with some amazing images to show for it!

BTS shot!

If the products themselves don’t take your fancy, whether you’re not a gaming fan, or even like the Fallout series, and still want to help out, donating a small amount or even just sharing the links, such as this post, the video, or the donation page, can be a massive help to me and the cause I’m rallying for.

I know some of you read my blog posts as and when they are posted (not that I’ve done any for a while because I have been incredibly busy with client shoots and regular work, so I can only apologise!), so if you’re new here, welcome! And thank you for your interest in something so personal to me. If you’re not new, thank you for reading my other posts! I love you dearly for it.

Don’t forget to leave a like or a comment below, whichever media platform you’re reading this through, I’m always appreciative of those. And it also helps push this campaign out to people who would be interested in this. And if you are definitely interested, then let me know! Every bit helps towards the charity, and it’s a great thing to help out towards! Thank you all for reading, and I hope to hear from some of you, wanting to get involved or donating!


Teenage Cancer Trust website

Just Giving page

Next Level Gaming

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