To the lad last night who asked me how much I paid for my camera:

My response at the time was ‘enough’. Because, honestly, I don’t think you had the time between pulling girls who just kept stroking your arms or making weird poses at me with people you clearly didn’t know, for me to tell you that my camera is not just worth the monetary value (Trust me, I will *not* get what I paid for it ever again). When you motioned for it after I took a selfie with a friend, I knew what you were going to ask, because, weirdly, so many people do.

“Want me to take it for you?”

I, of course, said no, for one of two reasons:

1) I have no idea who you are. I have no idea if you’re going to run off with my camera, or if you’re drunk to the point of that you drop it as it exchanges hands. And believe me, I’ve taken enough selfies with the same camera to know what I’m doing by now; and

2) If someone sees you with my camera, they will then want a go, and honestly, I get hassled by drunks enough. I don’t then need them then asking me to take a photo on my camera because they saw someone else do it.

“Is it yours?” “Yes.” “How much did you pay?” “Enough.”

You then kept asking me how much. Why? Why did you feel the need to do this? To make a point that if you damage it, you can replace it? You have 'the money’ to do so? Your muscles and camo vest told me about the kind of person you decide to portray to others. You may be a nice guy who actually worked really hard to get where he is. But your demeanor told me otherwise.

My equipment is worth more to me than just the amount I paid for it. My equipment is my livelyhood. My equipment is the bridge from my ideas to creation, developing from paper sketches and hastily written notes to the images I want to be able to materilise into an actual piece of art. To you, it’s just a camera, a piece of tech you can just buy. You’ve used your iPhone camera, what’s the difference? But, for me, it is so so much more. It’s my job, my hobby and my passion. It’s what keeps me awake at night, but also sleeping soundly, because I have found my calling in life, finally, at (very nearly!) 23. For you to try and belittle that to money? Fuck. You. TL;DR: Guy was a bit pushy about asking for the price of my camera. I did not approve.

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