Welcome to Tabitha Dreadful Photography, 2016.

For some, the new year means making resolutions for the coming months where the motivation for said resolutions will have probably fizzled out by the time March rolls around or not bothering with the resolutions for the reason as previously mentioned.

But for me, it’s going to be a day of organinsing what I can (because those who know me know how screwed my sleep schedule is) in terms of my business: from sorting out paperwork, to posting photos from work last night, to actually sitting down and writing this blog post.

I have many plans for the coming year, including finishing off projects that were started in 2015 and starting new ones that are nearly fully fleshed out to the max. But with being a nightclub photographer and videographer, fitting new plans around current workloads has proved difficult, but easier as time has gone on. With also having mutual understanding with clients and nightclub owners, I can rework my own editing pile, provided I still keep up with the hectic party life!

January is just about full with bookings and shoots planned, and I’m looking to fill up each month as I go along. My page is near enough at 500 likes, and I am so impressed with how people are responding to my work right now. It’s been a crazy up and down ride, with me beginning my work at After Dark, pushing that to work at Rewind too, to then also doing nightclub videography, which has since by far proved the biggest challenge this year. Low lighting is a killer.. Welp, that’s it from me for now, I’ll be definitely be posting more for the year, and deffo keep people up to date on my work!

Thank you all for your support for me and my work. I really do appreciate it. <3

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