What a day

Yes, I use this photo a lot, shush!

It is past midnight as I write this post, and I’m listening to a YouTube video with a few friends of mine playing a video game and generally having an amazing time and making me really giggle. (All you nerds reading this, go check out Firebutton Gaming on YouTube. They are funny as most others on there! *shameless plug of other creatives*) It’s been a bit of a weird day for me, and being the dawning of the sixth day of 2016, I realise my day has gone by so quickly.

I woke up fairly early, as I thought I was having a shoot with a friend of mine, who is aspiring to be a model. Turns out, she thought it was the next day. Being that I’m free this week, it wasn’t an issue, and I have been trying to work with her for over a year, so I am more than pleased to wait a little bit longer! It is only twenty-four hours more, I can do that!

So I then spent a few hours (yes, hours!) printing out DVD labels for clients who have purchased them from shoots I have done with them. Each time I printed, I swear they moved millimeters off the disc’s sticky label. It frustrated me so much and I wasted so many printing labels, it was ridiculous. Though I did make a lovely DVD label for a baby’s first birthday party, so I’m fairly impressed with how it all *finally* turned out. I got there, with much kicking and screaming and death threats to my printer.. And THEN I realise I typed my website wrong at the bottom on five of the six DVD labels I printed.. *facepalm* After all that kicked off, I scrubbed a vinyl backdrop that I bought in a collection from a fellow photographer friend a month or so ago. She sold me five of her backdrops, all about right for headshots and cute poses. Within this bundle, she also gave me a reversible black and white one, a very good size too! However, since she had upgraded her equipment (she’s an amazing tog, so that’s no surprise) and had stored this particular one in the shed, out of the way. So I spent four hours today (yes, four!) scrubbing both sides with hot water, a scouring sponge and copious amounts of bleach. Sadly, the white side has become unusable, due to stains. But to say it wasn’t one I paid for, I still think it’s a good bargain!

I still need to work out my pricings for 2016, as I need to up my prices and myself as a business. January is a good time for this, because hey, it’s a quiet month for most businesses! As well as pricing, there’s also my branding, website updates and my advertising. I’ve just reached 600 likes on my Facebook page as well this month, so that’s a good start!

I’m off to bed now, as I have a client coming around for her products in the morning so I need a decent amount of time to look presentable. Plus, Pokemon Shuffle is calling my name..

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