Year 6 Prom

I woke up late Monday morning to a message from a manager of one of the local bars, asking me to shoot a Year 6 Prom.. A prom? For Year 6s? Not exactly unheard of for me, but it’s not exactly common in my area! Year 6 disco maybe, with some Time Warp, and Cha Cha Slide, surely. But nope, a local venue had been booked out for a full scale prom, and the photographer who usually works it was ill. So I was called upon to cover the event!

As I was waiting to be let in, the kids had arrived, all prepped and dressed to the nines. It was actually adorable seeing these tiny humans in evening gowns and shirts! Though, just as they got to the door, I heard them mention ‘Pokemon’. My ears pricked up.

“Do you think there are any stops around here? I need Pokeballs.” “Has anyone put a lure on one?” “What’s your highest CP Pokemon?”


“Hey, there’s two stops at that end of the street-” I point behind them. “-and there’s a stop at this end of the street, and the theatre-” I point to the large building next to them. “-is a Gym.”

One of the boy’s closest to me looks at me, eyes wide. A smile reaches over his face and he shouts back to his classmates: “Oi, listen to her! She’s an expert on Pokemon!”

Well, I don’t mean to brag, but *cue smug face*.

Before they could ask me any more questions, I was let in by the manager. I set up my typical nightclub setup, played around with settings, and got straight into it, ready for when the kids were let in.

Three hours of work passed by like a dream: the kids were excitable but very well behaved, and I was able to snap photos of every kid (win!); the atmosphere was high and happy, with everyone in smiles and good spirits; and they had the cutest little fake cocktails, with little cartoon animals in them. Because, why not? Though, they did play songs like Work From Home, and Hair. Not sure if suitable songs for ten- and eleven-year-olds, but I’m sure there were songs just as bad when I was that age.

*Addition: there were: *

Towards the end, once the party had died down a little, and I dropped a lure at the nearest Pokestop, I started getting the family shots, while the kids were actually sitting still long enough! I handed out my business cards to relevant parents and teachers to make sure they could always get a hold of the photos if things don’t quite go to plan for any reason. I also had a hint from one of the parents that she may require my services in November.. Woo! I have impressed!

I came home, rather late, thanks to awkward transportation, but home to a night of Fallout 4. Much deserved break methinks!

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