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=24 oh so do i use b3300 or b3310 for bcm4311? try b3300 ok that's the old netgear/lucent, right? thats the bcm4311 its a broadcom, its very nice and cheap u have to specify but it says "no suitable network connection found" can u check ur settings again which settings? i mean i know bcm4311 is broadcom bcm4312 is the newer are u sure that u have correct settings, it should be automatic but i have issues with that u have to have a dynamic IP it says it's working on bcm4312 did u check if u set static or dynamic IP settings in the routers settings? it was working before, i didn't change it it's set to "reserved" in the router now and i tried auto dhcp but no luck try dynamic IP settings, i had issues with static IP settings it had to do with my router so should it automatically pick one from my range or is it manual? yes u have a list of available IPs u can choose from u have to set a static IP or dynamic IP how do i do that? u have to go into the router settings, i have a linksys router that i dont remember the specific settings in it but when i say settings i mean advanced settings sorry forgot about that well i have the settings in the router if you're looking for them as you can see i have static ip in DHCP with no subnet




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Fast Gsm Agere Gt B3310 | Temp

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