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renault-installer-educational-program-7711304577golkes.iso renault-installer-educational-program-7711304577golkes.exe.torrent renault-installer-educational-program-7711304577golkes.torrent.torrent renault-installer-educational-program-7711304577golkes.torrent.txt .. And so on. From what I've seen from googling, it seems to be a convention that file extension represents the content type. But I have seen the torrent file extensions include extensions like.torrent. Could someone explain why this extension is not just.torrent? What happens when the.torrent file extension isn't there? A: There are several extensions, the two most common are.torrent and.exe, the others being.rar and.7z. .torrent is not really a standard file extension, but is simply for the.torrent file format, which is not a standard file format. There's no need for a standard extension for the format itself since people don't really want to look for a.torrent file when they want to download a torrent. .exe is a standard file extension and basically represents the extension for an executable file. The other extensions are for different types of files, typically archive files. w ( c ) = c * * 2 - 2 * c + 6 . W h a t i s t h e u n i t s d i g i t o f w ( q ) ? 4 S u p p o s e - 8 6 1 = - 5 * y + 2 * k , - 1 2 *

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